How to enable “compliance test Mode” in Ubiquiti (Ubnt) devices.

Step 1: Download and install Putty Download Here
Step 2: Plug in ubnt device into PC through LAN.
Step 3: Fill the IP address in LAN Properties > IPv4 Properties > 192.168.1.x

Step 4: Now run the putty software and fill the router IP inside Host Name (or IP Address).

Step 5: Now a security windows will pop-up, click on YES button.

Step 6: Now a black terminal window will appear, which will ask your device login credentials, fill them and hit Enter.

Step 7: Now a big U icon will show which is Ubiquity’s official logo

We have to type some command there.

Step 8: Now reboot the device by typing reboot and hit ENTER.

Step 9: A confirmation (Putty Fatal Error) window will appear, Click OK on it, and close the terminal windows.

It will take 30-45 seconds to reboot the device, after reboot login your ubnt device in web browser and go to Wireless tab.

Now you can see that in country list we have Compliance Test in there.

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